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reviewed by kevans2121 on 07/06/2009
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chiller Credited Review
when I read the description of this, I figured it for a comedy, but upon reading it seems it means to be serious horror? the premise of flash freezing people with liquid nitrogen seems very far-fetched to me, kind of like something out of Batman. the plot seemed pretty predictable, every time someone acted like a jerk you knew they would end up getting frozen. the main character has psychological issues from his childhood, just like pretty much every serial killer story. the villain falls into a vat at the end and a countdown to an explosion ensues, like an old Bond movie. this could be a lot of fun if you added more humor to it and made the overall tone more of a farce. the images of the frozen people are pretty funny. maybe there's a joke about Walt Disney and cryogenics in there somewhere. good luck!

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