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reviewed by on 04/08/2012
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Coming of Age Story Credited Review
I like the screenplay in general. The concept was good but the execution a bit flawed.
I don't understand Cooper's reaction after Jess has left. She bought an open ended ticket with no return date. That pretty much cancels out the relationship right there. Yes, he was going to propose and even drove her to the airport, but after month away with her not answering his calls wouldn't that have been some kind of hint?

Then he gets together with Ally in a new capacity beyond friendship which was interesting. I was waiting to see where (if anywhere) the relationship went. Even after Craig spells out that Ally is off limits to him and his job (and maybe life) is in jeopardy he does it anyway. Yes, he was drunk (they both were) but after the first time I did understand Cooper was on the rebound. But why (as a supposed adult) let it get out of hand?

Then Jess comes back AFTER pretty much telling Coop she wouldn't be back at all. She then proceeds to throw a fit over Cooper trying to move on. She wasn't coming back but she expected him to be faithful to her while she was gone? That's an aspect that may need a little work.

Finally I found it odd that Cooper would beg Ally for sex, that part seemed a little weird to me. Then the scene at the driveway Ally seemed to have summed up Coop's personality calling him a big kid and suggesting he go that to Jess, which he then tried to do. I'm glad the ending with Jess and Coop worked out as it did. That was the only finish I could see to that relationship.

Overall a good attempt that needs some work.

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