reviewed by Harrylime49 on 12/02/2004
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Good story. Brad has done a great job with Eileen. She struck me as very convincing. Post traumatic stress can be a devastaing illness and I felt the writer had captured all those feelings of detatchment, anger and guilt so well with Eileen. I didn't like her much at first. The writer took a risk making her so raw so soon but it paid off. Asthe script develops, we learn to appreciate her painful past and so make allowances. Overall, the story was balanced. With a lot of Hollywood flicks we tend to see things from a Western perspective. At least with this screenplay an attempt has been made to put a human face to the enemy with the creation of Dunya. The visual writing is strong, particularly those early scenes where Eileen and Jeffrey are attempting to escape the Iraqi military across desert with their parachutes wrapped about them. I felt the scenes became a little too short nearing the end of the script. I got confused at one point as to where the characters were. I think the screenplay overran to. It would have been better to have finished when Eileen visits Jeffrey's parents, perhaps with one final scene at Jeffrey's memorial plaque. A good piece of work. Best of luck.

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