Review of: What's Wrong with This Picture? 

reviewed by ptsmartin on 01/05/2003
Crazy kid
I love watching young children act and Aidan was great. The stickman was genius and having him make the kid cry was priceless. I enjoyed the very simple animation mixed in with real life surroundings. Very clever and nicely executed. Great work with a limited budget.

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    I liked the structure of the story and how certain characters were introduced. There were also some plot holes that troubled me throughtout my reading. The characters try to describe their likes and passions to each other as though they've never spent time together. And no one knew that Phil had a girlfriend? The bank transfer sound very another account... read
  • by ptsmartin on 01/05/2003
    Everyone has seen their friends try to act out tv shows and this short is a good example of that. There are just so many characters, I coudn't remember anyone's name at the end of the story except Fisher Davis. Also, I enjoyed the music, but it was hard to hear the dialogue over it. I really liked the idea behind the story but did not find it humerous at all.
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    I had a tough time understanding character motives and subplots throughtout the story. No reason is said why Mary falls in love with Gordon initially, why Gordon isn't concerned that he might die all the time from random accidents caused by his wife or why all of sudden Gordon wants to be a comedian? Phil's character seems to barely be literate in one scene to masterminding... read