Review of: Suffer Kate 6: Kate's Bad Dream 

reviewed by planetlee on 03/17/2004
Suffer Kate 6 was very very creepy. It was actually one of the few films on TriggerStret that i've seen that had some really great cinematography. The film looked great. I dont know exactly what effects were used butit looked like some of the best DV i've ever seen. The transitions between some of the shots were cool. But what really got me what the lighting, and i feel that many (student films? or independent films?) disregard this when they shoot DV. You can some very interesting lighting for Kate and it was quite beatiful. Your camera movement was really good, I liked the shot of the door handle. The music was perfect, really chilling. That mirror shot thing was really neat, how did you do that? I understood plot of the film, but i didnt think it was that compelling, however with the other the other aspects of the film i give it a 9/10.

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