Review of: THE MATCH 

reviewed by DarinG on 02/10/2005
Dark... Literally
This is not a horrible short but the bad lighting killed it. I realize that it is supposed to be the "underground" and all but I couldn't see what was going on most of the time. The camera work was pretty good, but it was like the DP was out ot lunch for the whole shoot. The acting was decent. The music was pretty cool and it fit just right. One of the other things that stood out was the quality of the movie, was this shot on VHS? It looked horrible. The credits were unreadable as well due to the quality problem. Maybe it was just a bad encoding job but I would encourage you to upload a better version. Pretty funny & cool though despite these problems. What was up with the minute of black at the end of the movie? I kept waiting for some kind of payoff, but nothing.

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