reviewed by SeaMowse on 08/06/2007
David vs. Goliath, indeed!
I'm glad you provided the information regarding no weight classes being used in Prize Fights. I was going to bring up the weight difference, but while watching the film, I re-read your production notes. Anyways... wow - this was an extremely well-done short.

Camerawork: Excellent, all the way around. The color saturation in the color scenes was rich and beautiful. Your use of rough lighting gave the film a gritty feel to it, which I feel was appropriate. The scenes were nicely framed and composed. Nice edits. I like the symbolism you did, between the dish breaking, to our main character being knocked down.

Audio/Music: First off, I loved the fact that this movie was done in subtitles. In all honesty, I don't think I would've fully appreciated the movie, had it been done in English. The audio was nice. I loved the music - it fit so perfectly in with this film, and put the finishing touches on the mood I experienced while watching your film.

Acting: The acting was very believable and professional.

All in all, I came away really enjoying your movie. This is another favorite of mine in the festival, and I'm going to give it a Recommend. I'm looking forward to seeing more films from you. Best of luck.

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