reviewed by geophyrd on 01/07/2005
Credited Review
Death and the Boy - good screenplay! Credited Review
This was a very well done screenplay. The story was intriguing, the characters well defined and arced. The format was professional and I'd hazard a guess that this is not the writer's first screenplay. There is, perhaps, too much detail in the descriptions but as another writer, I think this is just because the author has fleshed out the story so completely in their mind. A very nice job! I'd like to see it produced

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  • A review of Dogman
    by geophyrd on 01/07/2005
    I'm not sure of my opinion of the Dogman. Its certainly competantly written, chronologically it isn't linear and I'm not sure I believed in the characters. The dialogue was good and the setting but it just doesn't hang well together for me.Good luck with your screenplay.
  • A review of Firesteel (Revised)
    by geophyrd on 08/30/2004
    First, the good:I found myself really responding to this script. Good story, dryly humorous voice,Then the not-so-goods: the action sequences are really tightly laid out, but they add verbiage to the script when fight details would be spelled out by the director. It got a little silly in parts, but I'm not a huge comedy fan so it would probably be better for someone else... read
  • A review of Myth
    by geophyrd on 08/26/2004
    I enjoyed mostly this script. There is tons of description and the dialogue is a little cliched (I kept expecting someone to say 'I'm too old for this sh*t) but the story is tight enough. There are distinct areas of 'humor' which are more contrasting ironies but they should work well translated to a screen. The fishing story is unusual and a good tool to introduce the psychology... read