Review of: Glimmers of Darkness -- Revised, yet again 

reviewed by Tybeau on 01/29/2005
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The first thing I learned about writing screenplays was that one must create a movie in the mind of the reader. I'm sorry to say you did not create one in my mind. You "projected" a story and dialogue in my head, but not a movie. Perhaps that's because you seem afraid of or uninterested in descriptions of the characters, their surroundings, their actions and what is happening to them. I got the feeling you were in a hurry when writing this script and only had time to devote to the dialogue. I was also taught that nothing goes on the page that doesn't go on the screen. There are numerous instances when you simply tell readers something in the scene heading instead of causing them to discover it on their own through dialogue and/or descriptions. If people go to the theater to see this movie, are you going to have someone sitting next to each audience member to whisper in their ears, "it's the next afternoon," "that's the Tennessee River," etc.? Again, you seem afraid of or uninterested in descriptions. Like most if not all reviews, this is just the opinion of one person.

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