Review of: The Yacht 

reviewed by Tripsheet Revision on 01/31/2012
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Tripsheet Revision
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What makes this story good is that it’s well written, and the characters are sympathetic; we care about them because they’re decent people, and because we care about them we care about their situation, which, of course, is untenable. Several development weakness, however, make the story less than ultimately satisfying. It was like ordering a full bowl of soup and just eating off the top, never dipping my spoon further down for what gives a soup its body. I wanted to know more about their trouble, and why it had become so severe. I wanted to know, after their trip (it cannot be called a vacation) if, how, why, or when the couple patched things up and stayed together or went their separate ways. The story ended abruptly, though, and that was a disappointment. Still, what there is of it is well written. Good job.

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