Review of: Silent Sigh 

reviewed by jeffwinterton98 on 07/31/2009
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Didn't catch your name... Credited Review
The story was well written. Well versed. I could imagine myself standing next to the man in the fields. Next to the woman in the apartment. Just one thing, Who are these people? What did they look like? What are their names, I kept asking the page.

The names need to come quick. A name, no matter what it is, conveys a vision in the readers mind. I was stuck on this. Hoping to catch a name of the man in the field. But, before I could, I was forced to, now follow a woman. Will I catch her name? No such luck.

On the plane, I was guessing who the man was. I thought it may be the first man. So, I went with it. And the woman. Was this the woman from the apartment? Couldn't be. She was just in New York.

After, a long read, I finally got the names of the characters I have been following. I went back and read it, again. It seemed a bit clearer. I was able to feel something, if anything for the lost characters.

The story as a whole is a good read. The desriptions given held my mind as I read along. Albeit, my mind jumped, like a bike over a curb, as to the names of the persons.

The ending is a bit less than satisfying. Two lost soles finding each other. It does leave a 'what's next' to the reader. Which this reader enjoys. If it's done right.

More than a few of the paragraphs seemed to roll on forever. Breaking these up would make for a much better read.

To say the least, it is a good read. But the mechanics, the structure of the story, needs a bit of tweeking.

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