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reviewed by DJBFilmz on 03/14/2012
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What the hell is going on? Hahaha... For some weird reason I like this script. It's unique, has a weird feel, and the dialogue is crazy.

BUT -- I'm a man who enjoys well produced films... and... This isn't winning any awards, but if you were planning on filming, I wouldn't mind watching.

To tell you all the things to make this industry standard would take forever, so I'm just going to tell you the things I really enjoyed and you can decipher what you need to work on, if you want to actually work on the screenplay.

The beginning started off as any other "I see it coming" movie, but moved into something totallty different with SF and the flower delivery. I don't know how much I enjoyed the BILLY and WHORE bit, BUT that's where I was intrigued.

When David met Phil I felt a sense of drug dealer movie type thing going on and then it went into real-estate which was interesting but almost a ridiculous transition.

(The real-estate office was confusing) -- Also a lot of action lines are very vague and I would like more descriptions.

I like most of the housing stuff if not all of it. (BY THE WAY ALL THE SCENES WERE NICE AND TIGHT *GOOD WORK*) The intercuts between the housing scenes were okay, but weird in a confusing way -- for me and probably for most other people who don't like weird movies they would turn it off, so maybe re think it just a bit... At least transitioning wise. Maybe make the film more "fantasy-ish."

Overall -- I liked it a lot, but it would probably be too weird for most. And honestly the only real reason I liked it is because I like some different films that leave me "guessing what the fuck?"

Remember these are my opinions, take it with a grain of salt and good luck in the future.

-D.J. Buchanan

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