Review of: Dr. Towers' Babel (rev) 

reviewed by nanpinc on 08/11/2011
Credited Review
Dr. Towers' Excellent Adventure Credited Review
The passion this author has on this subject matter is evident. The story and detailed differences between science and faith are very well executed and well thought out, as if this author personally struggles with this highly complex concept to a point that he personally had to put this story down on paper in order to organize his thoughts on this matter, but then finding an entertaining format to share his ideas like he would as if starting a conversation at a party. It also appears that this author has called forth the spirit of Michael Crichton, as he so successfully defined the fine line between science and fiction without the story reading like a science-fiction piece.

Although this reader did enjoy this piece very much, the story did not hook him until Dr. Towers' explanation of the expanding universe, which was brilliantly written and the high-light of the story in this reader's opinion. This may be, in part, because of a few errors and confusing sentence structures that this reader only found within the first eight pages, which leads this reader to believe that these are signs the author did not care as much for these pages as he did beyond the inciting incident, and it shows. Some examples of the problems found in these pages would be at least five typo errors and a portion of a sentence on page 6 "but I got passed Jesse." and "There was a past hurt, suddenly" on page 7. These are only two examples of sentences that could be better constructed because they throw off the flow of the story. However, beyond page eight, the story becomes effortless to read and if there were additional errors, this reader passed right over them.

But overall, the poor sentence structures were minute, and this reader would like to point out a very well thought out line that was captivating and thought provoking on page 11, "Jesse would say he was just like me." Very insightful and really demonstrates why Jesse's character, although brief, is an important character to this story and not just there to have her boyfriend question his beliefs. There is also some very good humor in this story, which was placed perfectly in the right moments.

One other comment this reader would like to point out is when we are in the silo going back through time, we hear Dr. Tower speak his words backwards; however, the words themselves are not backwards. Wouldn't the letters that make up the words be backwards as well? We wouldn't hear the words being said correctly in backwards order. EVERYTHING would be backwards.

Overall, with some minor technical details and struggles to get the story going, Dr. Towers' Babel is an exciting, thought-provoking story which takes the reader on just one, of what could be many, paths to find answers to age-old questions about God and evolution, and is the perfect mixture of Crichton-esque story and science. Well done!

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