Review of: Uncovering Julia 

reviewed by rmahler on 12/03/2008
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There's a lot to like about this script. The core ideas, the overall inventiveness and imagination were all admirable. The Nate/Julia conflict is well handled, but there were two major things that didn't work for me.

1 - Stan's rhyming drove me nuts after about two pages. I feel like his character needs to be toned down a bit.

2 - This is tied very closely to number 1 because I just didn't see Julia ending up with Stan in this story. You've set up a situation where the audience expects Julia to end up with Nate, but you don't deliver that. You either have to make Stan more charming, or you have to have Julia end up with Nate.

Your overall formatting was in the right ball park, so it's really just the Stan aspects of the story and the ending that bothered me.

Also, one last note... it's usually a no-no to list actual songs that you'd want to have in the soundtrack, so you might consider a version that does not contain specific music references.

Good luck.

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