Review of: Old Acquaintance be Forgot 

reviewed by mcusiman on 03/22/2012
Very good visual of the atmosphere of a drug party. The casting is convincing. I like the cutting back between the narrator and party scenes because it keeps you involved in the story. the visuals and music work well together. The cameos of the characters are too generalized to get feel for who the are. I would like to have seen more of the party goers reaction when he pulls his guns out.

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  • A review of Can't See Me
    by mcusiman on 04/05/2012
    The movie kept stopping because of download issues. I like the frost 3 establishing shots for the atmospheric landscapes. I don't understand the rope on the woman's arm, the girl on TV, or what the woman is doing out in the snow. Maybe its a dream or fantasy movie but it is hard to figure it out. Why does the guy have a painted red hand? Too many choices maybe.
  • A review of Rituals
    by mcusiman on 04/05/2012
    It gets interesting watching the guy getting a haircut with someone off camera narrating an Orwell story. The camera could be more steady moving around the barber. Now I see that the poem about rituals goes along with the ritual of the old gusty getting a haircut. Its a simple story but has interest because of the unexpected juxtaposition of the story and the haircut.
  • by mcusiman on 04/05/2012
    the screamer is convincing. Its good that you cut back between the screamer and the victims to see their reactions. When the he screams at the guy in the bathroom the camera shakes along with the angry guy mirroring his mood. I would have liked to see an establishing shot showing a quiet suburban home or something to counterpoint the fireworks going on inside.
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