Review of: The Big Ride 

reviewed by GCL on 03/08/2003
Enjoyable Ride
Firstly, I enjoyed your script's energetic travelogue appeal, i.e., the open road combined with diverse characters sharing a passion for conservation, the outdoors, self exploration and expression, etc. What I didn't like was the opening structure and content. I'm definitely not opposed to graphic violence in films but I was initially concerned that no death certificates in Orcas Island stated "Death by Natural Causes." I understand the writer's purpose for removing parents from the picture in order to be more comprehendible for Meadow's flight for safety but the mystery surrounding their deaths, followed by the homeless man, then Raven's may be too complex or unnecessary. I also questioned Meadow's expedited decision to abandon a search for her sister's body. Granted, she was convinced that her life was in jeopardy but not to anonymously call the River Authority or some other municipal authority claiming a young woman may have fallen from the ferry conjured images of fish getting fat while desecrating a beautiful young woman's body. In the short time I knew Raven I liked her and felt she was entitled to a more respectable death. Tighten and determine the true focus of this story and it will have the potential to go far.
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