Review of: Firesteel (Revised) 

reviewed by iceeis on 08/29/2004
Credited Review
Excellent Script Credited Review
For some reason medieval fantasy and comedy seem to go hand in hand. Perhaps because of "Shrek" this seems like a can't miss formula. The rarity of these films on screen seem to make the spec scripts all that more original. Firesteel is no different and perhaps represents the best of the bunch. A few criticisms: Von Goth returns too early in the story. I'd like to get some semblance of everything before you throw in this twist. Perhaps moving it after we see what has become of Firesteel's son. See if you can eliminate the (MORE's) by tweaking the margins. Blackmartin reminded me of "Donkey". I enjoyed everything else in the script. Favorite things/lines: "Oh, thank god. It’s blood." The UHB's refusal to fight Von Goth because he's not a VKB member. Loved all the acronyms. The collectors edition mirror with author's commentary. "Don’t laugh deeper than I." The "magic 8" vision pool. Firesteel's lack of WSB. The VSB By-laws. UHB Rule 17-67. "The chief export of Burnia is tin." Excellent work!

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