Review of: God's Acre 

reviewed by Aorosz88 on 12/09/2011
This was a great film. First off, I have to say the cinematography was well done. the beginning shots told me this was someone who knew what they were doing. The content and the message was excellent and well delivered. My only critique would be that the three actors playing the sons, could have gave better vocal performances. There was a lacking in there conviction, however the content and the execution of the message compensated for any lacks. Well done.

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  • by Aorosz88 on 10/14/2012
    For a short, I definitely enjoyed it creepiness. Had a very paranormal feel and was executed very well. I can see its worthiness in the mentioned competition. A job well done. I think you captured the exact concept you were going for as well. Once again well done, and keep them coming.
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