Review of: Family Man 

reviewed by Christopher Cordell on 11/20/2011
Christopher Cordell
Family Man Review
I've sat here in front of the screen, staring at it for a long while, not sure of what to write.
This piece moved me and frustrated me at the same time. I'm not sure if that was intentional or not. The idea of love, loss and dedication is a stirring sentiment, but I'm not sure that there is an actual story here. It is more of an homage to or a farewell to a man's dead wife and past life.
The entire film is in voice over, so it is all exposition. We are told of the death of his wife, the heartache it has caused, the struggle to go on and the desire he has to keep his promise and raise two fine young men, but what we see is a guy dressing himself and cooking breakfast, two things that everyone does every day of their adult life. I did not see the man's struggle at all. Some of the shots seemed to be there only because they were "interesting" or "unique" but they didn't seem to add to the story.

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