Review of: The Trainee 

reviewed by sal333 on 03/25/2012
Film Maker Not A Trainee
This is a well written short. The acting is very good and the visuals though taken in a confining space are very good,

The composition is excellent and the sound with the music conveys a feel.

Congratulations on a very well made flick. You didn't have a wasted shot or sequence and everything tied in well.

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  • by sal333 on 08/26/2012
    Some things are just not worth figuring out and Preserved Fish is probably one of them. Or maybe we should add Archer or Fletcher or Carpenter to the list of things to figure out. You need to create does not mean you create a need - a need to make any comment that hits you. I've enjoyed many of your flicks. Some not so much. This is one of them.
  • A review of Off the Cliff
    by sal333 on 08/22/2012
    Interesting clip. I liked the connection you made with the homeless man shouting out in the rain. It joined the two of you and made for interesting juxtaposition. I especially like that opening through the trees visual of the city night. Made for a very intense moment. This was a very touching short.
  • by sal333 on 08/20/2012
    A well made spoof with comedic overtones. The acting was a little wooden from the secondary actors but the film was well made especially when you consider this was a 48 hour project. Well done. You could have probably given us a few handheld shots to give us the docu feel.
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