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reviewed by jackcasey on 10/30/2011
Credited Review
Flood of Tears Credited Review
Outstanding. This was a great read. While the event is so current in our lives, its telling brings to mind, Titanic. I mean that in only the most positive ways. I often wondered how somebody could make a movie where everyone already knows the ending, yet keeps us hanging on to the last scene. You have done it and done it well which makes my job difficult. Your characters were excellent and your pacing was terrific. If I could suggest anything it would be to bring life at the Patong Hotel in to your story earlier. Having the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the people and their culture I think could strengthen the impact this horrible event had on their way of life. When Harry looks up and notices the sea was out of sight it seemed like a lost chance to raise the bar because it was not in relation to any other descriptions of how the sea normally looked. I would have liked the slightest of clues to have shown us things were not right, it would add to the suspense. The surfers were excellent but there had to be others that also noticed not all was well. Steve tells us he was sucked down while diving, it would have been more effective if you had shown us that instead and how bout the reaction of the captain chartering his diving boat, surely he would have notice something was amiss. Anyway I find the whole phenomenon to be fascinating and would have loved to see show it develops in greater detail. When the tsunami hits your descriptions were fantastic. I felt like I was there and simply reading about it has given me a different perspective on the power of such a force of nature. You did such a wonderful job of developing Sumalee's character I was more attached to her than Kate and found myself wishing you would have shown us that she too was going to be alright in the end. Maybe a glimpse of life going on in that part of the world would have given some closure. Overall great story, it was a pleasure to read. Best of luck.

Just a couple of small points
Kate's epiphany in the cemetery was a little foggy for me. I wasn't totally sure what set her off in search of Harry other than realizing that he also cared about Beth. I guess she connected the dots after being told he visited the cemetery regularly.

It might be me, but I wasn't exactly sure who the baby was being named after. I'm assuming Sumalee. Too cryptic?

Page 18 - I think you meant to have John say the following not Will.
Don't go there, Harry. It's all
in the past. No ones fault.

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