Review of: The Dark Passenger Never Answered 

reviewed by Rados on 12/10/2011
Credited Review
Free Flowing Imagination Credited Review
A truly enigmatic story. It leaves the reader with questions but also leaves us mesmerized by the beauty of the prose. It's poetic, metaphorical, and artistic. Some areas seem non-sensical, just because of the way in which some words are used. Other times, it makes perfect and clear sense. It's hard for me to pinpoint the method that you used to write this. It may have been streaming consciousness combined with conscious structure, or it could have been more disciplined. I'm leaning more towards streaming consciousness for some parts of it. I say this only because some words and phrases seemed random as opposed to well thought out.

Regardless, I enjoyed this as a piece of artistic literature. Very well done in terms of creating a mistique and keeping the reader engaged.

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