Review of: The Mother 

reviewed by bigheadx on 03/21/2011
Credited Review
God says "goodbye, Mother".... maybe Credited Review
Thanks for the opportunity to read this piece. This reader must confess to being confused as to its theme. Is your narrator an alien or a "God" who implanted himself into a human female in order to be born for.... what? Are these the observations of a misanthrope who believes himself/herself to be above his family and humanity? It appears you are trying to say something here about life and death and human behavior but, regrettably, this reader is unable to fathom that message and only wishes that he could be more helpful via this review.

TYPOS - GRAMMAR - WORD CHOICE - [suggestions]

humanity was falling away / humanity was slipping away - [this repetition isn't productive, in this reader's opinion]

pop each other’s knuckles - [makes it sound like people are having a knuckle popping circle]

The portraits on the bedside table got my attention - [pretty long paragraph dealing with disparate topics]

pealed his own skin away - peeled his own skin away

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