Review of: The Baron of Whitfield Beach (Rev. 2) 

reviewed by tomcorradini on 11/10/2006
Credited Review
I read the script in one go and I must say that, although at first I didn't find it catchy, it made a pleasent and funny reading.

However the undergoing feeling of the whole script is kind of flat. The Baron of Whitfield is well outlined as a character and is rich and sophisticated dialogue together with a cold sense of humor makes him quite endearing. Yet this character is mixed up with a parallel story (the fire accident involving his daughter) which I didn't find to involving.

I'd have stayed really with the character. There is so much to say here, especially regarding the peculiarities and differences about American mass and British classist mentality (at one time the script reminded me a little - vary vaguely though - of "A fish called Wanda".

Overall the subplot about Penelope and the character of Isabelle do draw energy from the protagonist. Not too much can be done about it at this stage, unfortunately. Plot is plot and it wouldn't be useful to ask for a rewrite.

Would make and interesting tv movie but I wouldn't suggest this for a theatrical audience.

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