Review of: Rock Bottom 

reviewed by dunphoid on 05/19/2010
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I enjoyed this. It was very creepy. I felt claustrophobic thanks to the literally in-your-face approach from the cameramen. I think you could go further with these cameramen. How about a camera lens attack somewhere in the story - literally having camera lenses battering someone to death (the wife prior to losing her eyes?). I'm thinking of that old chiller from the sixties (British I think) where you see killing from the point of view of the camera man - can't remember the title sorry.

Overall your dialogue was good. I suggest changes to the following though:

“Well sir my wife and I work hard. We have never done anything except abide by the rules given to us by society..." etc

This was much too stilted to make me feel like I could identify with this guy. Over the course of the story I did identify with him, but right here I think he could sound much more natural...perhaps bumbling.

“Can this day get any stranger,” Richard questions himself?

This is a bit on-the-nose for me. I would suggest you cut it out since we've already aware of how strange things are without needing it spelt out.

“You have taken everything from me. I have nothing left,”

Again, I'd cut this out. We've seen the dead wife, so having Richard state the obvious is overkill for me.

“No one would watch this sick disgusting show,”

In the circumstances, perhaps he'd not be of the mindset to have an opinion about the show. I'd be more like "Sick bastards! Graaagh!" and charging at the suit to smash his face in! :o)

Having the people disappear in a ball of fire didn't do it for me. I'd prefer to see them quietly pack up their gear and leave. Perhaps a neighbour could arrive and scream. A 'realistic' ending is more startling and chilling for me personally.

Cool story. Very Twilight Zone. The HIV bit was so outrageous (was it intended to be black humour) that I chuckled.

The forty year old man as the kid was a bit unbelievable. He is very creepy but I'd prefer to see a real kid in that role, just for the sake of keeping things a bit believable.

Well done. As a horror fan I lapped your story up.

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