Review of: Good Evening 

reviewed by SeaMowse on 03/25/2005
Good Evening - good stuff
Nicely done. Your short opened with very stylish credits and stayed stylish throughout. Very well planned storyline. Not necessarily unique, but well played out - it grabbed my attention.

Camerawork - quite awesome actually. There was a minor issue with the color balance inside the deli. It flucuated from scene to side. But all that aside, allow me to move on. First off, your scene were very well planned out - your frame composition showed it and looked great. Edits looked very quick and good.

Audio/music - the voiceover was good although the audio quality was a bit tinny sounding to me. Nice musical score.

Acting - was fairly good. Some scenes looked very rehearsed. Dialogue at times sounded a bit forced. Shooting scenes were okayish.

All in all... a captivating movie that was slick and stylish. It worked great for me and I truly enjoyed it. Best of luck with your future shorts.

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