Review of: GOOD INTENTIONS (22508) 

reviewed by sidestep on 03/29/2008
Credited Review
Good Intentions Credited Review
I can easily see why you enjoy a 10 rating. It's hard to find anything to criticize. Your story rings true, had me reading all the way through non-stop, to a very satisfying conclusion. It is the age old question -- does the end justify the means? In this case, I fall right in line with Ruby. She did what she had to do, what many of us might have thought of doing, but she had the courage to do it, and face the consequences. Bravo. Fortunately, you gave her a wise judge, and a biological mother who became wise at almost the last minute. I thought at first that Pauley had a convenient lapse of memory when we see him as a teen, but then I thought of myself as a 4 year old, and how little I could actually remember of that early age. What can I say? I would bet people would come down about 50-50 for either Sharon or Ruby, which is where you want them to be at the end, I believe. (But I'm for Ruby.)

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