Review of: Just Like Jesse James 

reviewed by mnjones on 09/22/2010
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Wow. This is all over the place, but an interesting and entertaining account of an charming old rascal written in a down-home style that reads like a chunk from an unabashed autobigraphy. Since it was uploaded almost 2 tears ago, I'm sure had a lot of attention from gammarians and other word hounds, so I'm not going to worry about that stuff. I did notice that Kenny changed his name, on page 3, to Lenny, tourisville is the town I think it is, it should be Touristville.

The writing style is uncomplicated, breezy, easy on the reader and very appropiate for the material.

As the narrrator says, "things work out for him because he's lucky and almost made it big--just like Jesse James. But hold the phone--you know how Jesse ended up

Good luck.

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