Review of: The Dinner Party 

reviewed by filmwavecom on 06/20/2005
Good Short
I really enjoyed watching this short film, the pacing, acting and story were all very good. I see great potential for the filmmakers, they have a unique style and vision. My only problems with the short was the sound and lighting could have been a little bit better, but other than that this was really good.

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  • A review of Brian Jones
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    I'm a huge Indiana Jones fan (who isn't) and was expecting a bit more from this short, but for what it was (two shots and a cat) it was good. The two shots were well framed and looked good. The sound effects were effective. The actor playing Indiana was a but young, but at least he has the hat and whip. Overall it was a short short, but was fun.
  • A review of I Held
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    Elmer has a way of telling a story that most people would be depressed to hear, but he makes it funny, lively and interesting. I don't laugh at TS shorts to often, but this one I busted a gut watching. Elmer is truly talented and hope to see him have much success in the future.
  • A review of Drive-By Dotters
    by filmwavecom on 06/22/2005
    I really enjoyed watching this Doc, great interviews and information. I've never heard about this so it was great to hear the story. The production was very good, great sound and camera work. I am of the mind that the dots should stay and if they don't want the dots then they can lose the tourist dollars. Overall a great short.
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