Review of: Blank Screen 

reviewed by Deggen on 06/10/2005
Good stuff!
Well first of all - the credits were great! No really they were very good. The ending I didn't completely understand to be honest - just a thought if you were aiming for a not-necessarily-intelligent-adience - I don;t fully understand. I could tell there was going to be some sort of interseting climax - what I really hoped you would do is have the guy suddenly snap out of a bored trance of somesort sitting at his desk - the lights all around suddenly come up and he's sitting in an office filled with hundreds of people all typing madly away. Technically - I have no real experience in the area - but I thought it looked and felt great - great job on the lighting and composition of shots - loved the echoey sound also. As I said - Good Stuff! Keep at it George!

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