Review of: Just a Man 

reviewed by matt r jones on 02/25/2011
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matt r jones
Good stuff....again. Credited Review
There has only been one story of yours I didn't really like. You know the one I'm sure. This again, is great stuff.

I'm a sucker for a Knight story. But only ones told well with reason. I love the stripping away of the armour and succuming to the humanity and the love which we all have. This is the true strength to defeat the enemy. Sure, not anew concept but the reason it is classic is that it resonates still.

The creation of the world is well done, the cobbles and well bring the courtyard of castles to mind effectively. The choice of words is great for hinting at the sexual undertones.

The mention of the Wreak is delivered in a matter of fact way that fits rather than seeming like an add on.

Another good, solid short story.

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