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reviewed by Gin_Gin_Jodie on 04/07/2008
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Here's To Revenge is a great title (I love the way it is fitted into the dialogue at the end of the script). The concept reminded me quite a lot of Saw.

The script is very fast paced - I'm not sure whether it is quite long enough for a feature film.

The way the story is set up is instantly enthralling. The mystery is set up imediately with Dick and continues to get more and more mysterious without becoming too complicated.

The dialogue is very funny. You had me laughing out loud in parts. The comic side, i feel, works better at the begining of the script. The parts with Dick and Victor are brilliant - but later on there is a slight clash when the characters are still cracking jokes when they are in fear for their lives.

The characters are great. The Female Assassin has very good dialogue, and all the characters interact together in an entertaining and realistic way.

I love the attitudes towards the pimp's flannel, and the fact that Dick is actually called Jose!

Hectors tendency to shout out STIs when he's nervous is funny, but I think it's a bit over the top for black comedy - something more subtle would be more apt.

On page 53, I like the way the scenes cut from Jodi to Dick as they both ask 'Why is this happening to me?'
On page 55, I think (despite being funny) it is too unrealistic for Victor to ask for sex or a head rub.

As the tension begins to mount, the scenes where Jodi is locked up, and Victor searching for the briefcase intercut. This is great to mount the audiences anxiety - very well done.

The twist at the end is brilliant! I think it would have been better if the female assassin could have lived in misery instead of being shot (there are a lot of deaths in this script - the audience become a bit numb to it after a while i think). But Yuki makes a great bad guy! You finish on a really good line!

I enjoyed reading this script, but I think the genres are a bit confusing. At present it is border-line thriller/comedy. I think it would work better if it were to side more heavily with one genre - less comic if it were a thriller or less 'scary' for a comedy.

Great job!

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