Review of: Bathtime 

reviewed by badgebarman on 12/30/2008
Credited Review
Gory Bathnight Credited Review
This wasn't for me at all, the subject matter is one that I normally try to avoid. I was three pages in before I spotted where this was going, and that was a shame because the story was paced very well.

The subject matter was horrific and evil of the worst kind, a brutal killer describing with almost lipsmacking relish his latest murder isn't for the fainthearted, and I wonder how commercial this could possibly be?

Technically this was well written with an attention to detail that was almost obsessional. And that was the real problem with this piece, it was almost basic reportage than good clear prose, there is real talent in your writing, your style is crisp and unsentimental which is almost impossible to do.

Great well told story. Terrible subject matter.

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