Review of: Hatch This 

reviewed by shadowtrap on 06/30/2006
Great Short
Hatch this is great short, simple and fun to watch. The production value was good and acting was great. The lighting was stylish and overall feel worked well.

The boss was super funny and had some great lines. Great job on this short and hope to see more.

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    I enjoyed this short. Great production value and a generally cohesive film. Great camera work and editing truly tied the concept down. You guys did a lot of work in 48 hours and should be proud of your work. Itís very pro and a great example of collaboration. Best of luck in the festival.
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    It is truly ambitious that you would take on a project like this. It looks clear that there was a lot of work that went into this project. There were some great shots and for the most part it looks like you have a great understanding of how to make a film. I think you would have been better served with a different score, something less dreamy, its too oblivious. The editing... read
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