Review of: Desperation 

reviewed by Melanie on 07/01/2003
Great visuals with simple style.
The filmmaker knows how to tell a story visually very well, and he already seems to realize that simple and clean execution is usually most powerful. Light and shadow and the framing of the shots are key in this piece but not overused. There's not much of a story, just a visual adventure, but it's very watchable because the visuals are so clear; each picture really does tell a story. Also, the filmmaker resists using fancy techniques and doesn't need lavish sets or complicated setups. Split screen is used but not overused, as well as a kind of vari-sped effect, also not overused. Each is simply utilized to further the mood and convey a style. It's so easy to overdo that stuff that I think it's worth noting that each thing was used just enough. I look forward to a piece that has a real story; this filmmaker would tell it clearly and well.

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