Review of: Touch the Stars 

reviewed by alexherrin on 02/26/2012
Credited Review
Gripping. Credited Review
The final irony did not escape me either, as Jensen suffered his final breath on that godforsaken rock in deep outer space with no one but him and the beast that took his life. He wanted nothing more than to travel the stars, and that is what he got, until those very stars took his life.

I will not stop short of saying this is the best short story I have read on trigger street yet. It is also one of the best I have read in a long time. The writer's knowledge of space and science fiction themes is truly impressive, enhancing his credibility and engaging the reader in a way that could not have been done without. The fact that there is no direct dialogue does not escape me, but that is the style of the writer. In fact, the entire story reads as a oration, given by Jensen postmodern. He is speaking to us from the grave, or from the message he sent, telling us the story of how he came to arrive on that asteroid, the beast he found there, and the warning within. An excellent story, five stars.

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