Review of: LIGHTING THE MENORAH (Revised) 

reviewed by cl0n3b4by on 11/30/2007
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Haha Great! Credited Review
I really liked this , it easily flowed and pulled a great punch from the premise to deliver 3 satisfying acts. I really loved the "circumison" scene and the sub plot of his friends parents thinking he is great. Also the burning of the mothers wig this screenplay has a lot going for it and I hope you pursue further with it. The only problem I had was that it spent too much time at the beginning with Aidan at his girlfriends house with her family. You should focus more on there relationship at the beginning then slowly and maybe gradually moving to the family. Although I enjoyed it a lot , I also like the fact you incorporated Jewish jokes but did not keep it so "inside" that us now Jewish people did not get it. Also one more scene I loved the entire banning of the weather channels (The Weather Channel LOL). Although yes I liked it alot keep it up!

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