Review of: Harmony (rev) 

reviewed by nanpinc on 07/26/2011
Credited Review
'Harmony's' harmonious undertone Credited Review
This reader finds nothing more haunting than horror fiction that could so easily be non-fiction, and 'Harmony' will surely haunt me for days. The prose is very clean and descriptive, leaving the reader with a clear picture of the evil and violence in our world today. This writer also takes the reader on a journey filled with love, faith, horror, debate and laughter; all emotions tightly strung together to create and an effective story. This reader would also like to point out one particular line of description that is an example of this writer's talents, "No one was more sane than Satan himself." Simple, descriptive, precise. Another stellar moment this reader would like to point out is Ed Grossman's speech inside the hummer, which was not overly opinionated or preachy, just a well-defined monologue.

Being such a tightly written story, there is very little to comment on and these next suggestions are only the opinions of this reader: 1) Be careful with the predictability of this piece. Although this reader could not predict how it would end, he was able to predict the story that led to the ending. One suggestion would be just to avoid David's discussing the junket to his wife. It read like a set up. 2) Although the conversation between David and the terrorist at the end is very essential, this reader believes there needs to be a stronger catalyst for the debate to even occur. With a firefight directly overhead and the pressure to rush through the terrorist process, there is some disbelief that the lead terrorist would take the time to stop and discuss their sides at length. Of course, one suggestion would be to have the terrorists escape and not have the ticking clock of the firefight present. 3) Whether is was because this reader was captivated through the entire story and missed any others, there was one misspelling caught on Page 1 - "quiet" should be "quite".

In conclusion, 'Harmony' captures the horrific imagination within a "what if" scenario of what it would be like to be a hostage and the choices we could make if we did not allow fear to control us. An excellent point to apply in every day life.

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