Review of: The Final Showdown 

reviewed by silverberetta17 on 03/10/2008
He's a Mean Mother Trucker.
You got a kick ass visual style with the action scenes. I really enjoyed the last six minutes of the film.
I'm confused by the opening montage(s), and I don't see our hero (Black cop) in any of the first scenes, unless I missed him.
We need to see more of him so we understand this is about him and his personal vendetta right now. His partner getting killed only adds fuel to the fire, and we need to probably see how he knows where to follow the Killer into the mountain area.
I'm also a little fuzzy on the whole quick scenes of our hero turning in his badge to his officer, and then throwing it back at the Killer towards the end. Don't get those few parts.
Otherwise, great job!

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