reviewed by jgravitch on 12/27/2004
Credited Review
Highly competent tale of survival Credited Review
This was a very competent script. The characters were well drawn and there was a real economy to the storyline that I appreciated. The craftmanship shown here is impeccable, and the only criticism I can offer is that it was so clinical in style that it seems like it was written via a checklist (which isn't necessarily a bad thing when it comes to this genre). It makes me think of A Perfect Storm, which was a standard genre pic that was successful because of the cast as well as the spectacle of a monster of a storm. This script, with the massive icy vistas, is certainly cinematic in the same way. You've got a highly sympathetic and compelling central character and all the elements you need to be successful are there. The only advice I can give are tweak things - if you can find a way to make certain issues resonate a little deeper and differentiate yourself from the standard genre pick, you may give yourself a better chance of getting it picked up. There are a lot of very powerful central themes to work with here, and its hard to say if it should be left to the actors and director (thinking primarily of the metaphor of the Viking and the primal human urge to explore). Great job, I enjoyed the read. I would watch the movie.

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