Review of: SOLIPSIST 

reviewed by dmmovie on 04/11/2003
Hitman with a heart
Pretty standard fair regarding a hitman trying to find love.The main thing that needs work is the main character. There isn't much to him. We have no connection to him on any level. The cops can track down a girl in Vegas named Rachel? I don't think so. That really stands out.I like the deadpool idea but it needs more work. Maybe that's a way to find out more (or some connection) with Red.Why is he so hung up on the girl? Why does she care about him? I couldn't venture a guess.Things I would work on: Making a connection with Red. (Suicidal tendencies aren't it)If you are going to cut between the cops and Red then do that. Maybe the story can revolve around a cop we like going after Red. (Maybe like Heat)
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