Review of: Tomorrow Never Dais... 

reviewed by Cycarax on 07/26/2007
I laughed, but......
I think this has a lot of possibilities. I found that Magnus Hinde carried the lead role very well, he has a goofy enough instinct for self-deprecation to give the role what it needs.

The part of Dai seems a bit old though, for the dilemma. At 27 he should have felt the pangs of love before this. Some men are married and fathers by 21. He seemed to be about 16 mentally. Maybe I could have sympathized with his situation more if I knew why it had taken him so long to fall in love and why now, with this person, who he simply saw for a moment. She was not astonishing enough in her appearance, I thought, to change a man's entire life direction by a few minutes of disinterestedly walking by.

Maybe if there should be more interaction with them before he falls for her. More overlap. Or some history of his relationship with women and what goes wrong. But it's too much of a jar. There is NO WOMAN in his life, and suddenly there is EVERYWOMAN. In this film we have too much of him and too much of his dilemma that seems to go on endlessly. If we knew more about what his problems with women were, more interactiveness with her, the film would have more tension in it.

The scene with the hose and the key has to go. It is crude and nothing else. That does not indicate love to me. It indicates horniness which is something else. A little too much for the brief glance he has of her.

The technical aspects were fine but the story and characters needed more development.

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