Review of: The Beautiful People 

reviewed by LBarbarell on 04/12/2011
Credited Review
I see (dead) beautiful people Credited Review
There is a real talent at work here. The narrative is clear and well-constructed. The "odd" personalities of the patients are conveyed in in a spare, but colorful way. The main character is sympathetic, while still being nutty enough to be convincing.

The main issue I had with the story is that we never learn how the murderous plot was eventually discovered. I think it would have been more satisfying if the main character had managed to blow the whistle. I also thought it was unsatisfying that the villain of the piece, the doctor, is someone who never appears in the story. Maybe Nurse Nina should be the perp?

Detail notes:

No page numbers. Makes reviewing difficult.

"...any indicated that Chester was right." Should be "indication."

If this happened in the "early 90's," why does Sam's tombstone say he died in 2003?

"I wasn't one of the thirty." You don't need that sentence; the one before it works on it's own as a closer.

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