Review of: i WanT tO kiLL 

reviewed by javert on 09/14/2009
Credited Review
I WANT TO KILL - what a surprise Credited Review
When I received this assignment I didn't expect much. I actually anticipated something fairly juvenile and shallow and violent.

I was wrong. This work contains good development of characters that I surprisingly found myself very interested in. Dialogue and interplay were good, and for being supposed killers, Ned and Harry were actually, clumsily endearing. I also saw what I look for in characters - change. Ned turned from a 'tard' into a biker with a babe on the rear seat. I liked his swerve from killer wannabe to someone who appreciated the softness of a female victim's long neck, sparing her.

The story was edgily effective too. Killer wannabe is a victim of his unknowing gay victim. That's good stuff. Such flavor fuels the entire story.

This work was an unexpected pleasure to read and I can certainly see it made with effective casting. It's right in line with the works of Coen brothers or Tarantino - different, engaging, and entirely quirky!

So, I should give a criticism. There are a few typos, but not many. Give a quick proofread. That's it.

PS; I loved Ned's signs!

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