Review of: The Queens of Dreams 

reviewed by Cenydd Ros on 04/17/2011
Credited Review
Cenydd Ros
I would say go for the long form on this one. Credited Review
This is another short inspired from your live that I found interesting. As I think I have mentioned before, true stories always seem much richer than those that are simply made up - and this shows through with this piece. Point of fact, this story is very rich and covers a lot of ground. You could make a much longer work out of this - really, you could take this and develop an outline for a novel. I think you have great material here to work with to develop a substantial literary piece. A story about these two women and their families at the turn of the century would find a wide audience.

- There are a few issues requiring additional author edits; "she" on page 9 should be She, some paragraph indentations are needed and a review of comma placement. The best way to deal with this is to simply re-read the piece over and fix what you catch with every reading. It usually takes me many readings to get an "error clean" piece.

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