Review of: Dark Places in the Sunshine 

reviewed by kikibird hinlo on 10/23/2011
kikibird hinlo
In The Dark On Dark Places in the Sunshine
I really like the impact your title conveys, it's great! When someone has an unrequited love everywhere they go is dark in a certain sense from the pain of longing, so I think you captured that very well.

I got a little confused though when the girl was in a canopy or tent with another guy, I didn't know if that was a work thing or a date? And then when the other guy leaped at her, I was lost as to why the stalker ex-boyfriend did not jump in and save her? But then I thought, maybe the new guy was just making a motion towards her to actually hug or kiss her, and in the mind of the stalker it was negative so he perceived it as threatening and in a sick way convincing himself she needs him to continue to watch over her?

Then with the twist where the girl stabs her new boyfriend, but then it is like she killed her old boyfriend - was this a metaphor to show that she had a realization that she "killed the guy emotionally who she broke up with?" I'd really like to hear your explanation of what you were doing with this film, because it is visually very intriguing, and I am so curious to know if I am on the right tract with my interpretation, or way off?

Your short film positively made me think, and again, I really feel you captured the pain well!

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