Review of: Drive-By Dotters 

reviewed by mitoutsound on 10/25/2004
interesting subject, but structure and pace needs some changes
Neat subject. The only problem is there isn't enough direction going on. The dot people aren't properly introduced at the beginning. We get a montage of what they "do," but we never get introduced to the identities of the oddballs behind the dots. The conflict is fairly well presented, although, it perhaps takes a little too long. Too much of different interviewees saying the same thing. Also, the documentary doesn't really take on much of a personality itself, which would have helped quite a bit since the actual subject fairly inconsequential. The Daily Show, for instance, would tackle a silly story like this and add it's own sarcastic perspective on it because the story itself, though truthful, really isn't all that involving. Tighten up the structure, include a real introduction to the "characters," maybe add some commentary or narrative voice over/intertitles, truncate most of the sequences, and you should have a killer documentary.

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