Review of: Missing 

reviewed by dbialy on 12/04/2007
Just Brilliant
Q.: What do you get if you cross Sergio Leone with Alfred... what's his name?
A.: Mr. Engelbrecht.

The montage was superb, in particular the 'distressed' woman before she entered the tunnel. And the soundtrack was equally good. And the still used for the poster... what a great composition, and how deliberately deceitful too.

In my opinion the dialogue itself, or rather monologue, brings the short down considerably. Not because of the technicality of its sound or accent, but because it was completely redundant in the context of the short. It simply did not belong there.

I believe that even greater effect could be achieved with couple gazes and slight smiles to show the man's intentions. Then at the end; an apologetic smile, hands up, he means no harm, he just wanted to... looks down at his belly... What's the fff...? The "What's the fff..." could be actually the only spoken words in this movie. But hey! What am I doing here. Directing your piece? Sorry. Couldn't help myself.

Another really impressive aspect of your work was the smooth transition from the movie to the closing credits. Never seen anything like it before - not so much in concept as in execution. It blew me away.

After a moment I've realized it was almost as if it wasn't the 'mozaical' movement on the screen that was guiding my eyes, but my eyes that caused the movement on the screen, as they wondered around in the aftershock effort to adjust themselves after what they've just saw.
A very organic treatment.

And a clear winner.

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