Review of: Madonna of the Chair 

reviewed by BozDonovan on 02/21/2011
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The author does a fine job of capturing childhood fears and bringing them to light, (or to dark as the case may be.) Everyone can identify with being afraid of the dark as a child. Charles’ active imagination makes it all the more frightening.

This is an enjoyable story that goes right to the heart of all the fears and uncertainty every kid has experienced at some time or another.

It is very easy to relate to Charles and become empathetic of his situation. The story flows very nicely while weaving enough background information to add some depth. All of the confusion that comes with growing up and being taught right from wrong, good from bad.

The portrayal of the nuns and later of the alter boys, summarizes the contradictions that become evident in any dogmatic religious teachings. Barbarelli does a nice job of presenting them without being preachy or anti-religious.

The part about his cat Rudy, and how Charles bravely came to Rudy’s rescue, tells a lot about Charles. It is both touching as it is revealing of his true character.

I also like the ending. It is quick and leaves the reader wondering. Was it just the boy’s imagination or was it something more?

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