Review of: The story of the Tattoo 

reviewed by dgburton on 03/02/2011
Legends will be born
This was quite a funny piece. You set the tone early with the light-bulb gag, and it really was a fun ride. I would think this would make a good sample piece if you were interested in writing a humor column for your local newspaper ala Dave Barry. (Do newspapers even exist anymore?)

Anyway, I quite enjoyed it and you have some terrific lines. I would have liked to see the decision to get the tattoo drawn out a little more (with each drink pushing you closer to the moment), and I don't think you ever mention what exactly the tattoo is, so we have to use our imagination. I just keep imagining that it's of She-Ra's face tattooed over your face, and how off-putting that must have been for your family.

Anyways, thanks for the laughs, and have a think about the column...

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